3-Year-Long Joke Conversation Between Strangers On Tinder Goes Viral And They’ll Finally Meet

by 2 years ago
Strangers Who’ve Kept Hilarious Tinder Conversation For 3 Years Go Viral, So Tinder Itself Decides To Step In


The year 2014 seems like so long ago. That was way back in the days when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, ice bucket challenge, and Ebola were front page news. Those were the days when Josh Avsec matched with Michelle Arendas on Tinder and started a wonderfully bizarre and lengthy conversation. Three years later, the Ohio Kent State University seniors have yet to meet, but are still talking on Tinder with a very funny and sloth-paced tête-à-tête.

Josh started the conversation with a simple, “Hey Michelle” on September 20, 2014. Then Michelle responded over two months later with, “Hey sorry my phone died!” After a quick back-and-forth, Josh stopped talking and then gave Michelle a taste of her own medicine by replying two months later, which started a hilarious trend in the convo.