Watch A Cop Straight Up Punch A Dude In The Face For Resisting Arrest

I … I am not completely versed in the acceptable tactics for law enforcement to use when confronting a subject resisting arrest, but I’m pretty sure SLUG HIM IN THE FUCKING FACE is not allowed.

But that’s just what an officer in Washington, D.C. did to a dude. But not before another cop wailed on the guy’s head ten times with a night stick.

A little aggressive, no?

The punch goes down in the left hand corner of the screen, around the 25 second mark.

The incident occurred in Adams Morgan, which, for anyone familiar with D.C., is one of the sloppiest, drunkest neighborhoods in the city. Like, this ain’t all that out of place for a Saturday outside of Spaghetti Garden.

D.C. police said the actions of the officers are under review.

[Via Washington City Paper]