STOP EVERYTHING: Corgi Racing Exists And It Looks So Happy!!!

by 2 years ago

I’m no animal morality activate, but dog racing seems like a pretty cruel hobby to engage in. That’s because you hear all these terrible stories about malnourished greyhounds who lives their entire lives just to race in the hillbilly backwaters of West Virginia, Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. Seriously — Just take one look at this infographic from a dog rescue charity Grey2k and tell me it doesn’t make you sad as hell.

Corgi racing, however, is seems wildly amusing. This particular one is from Canterbury Park track and casino in Minnesota. It’s just little happy corgis sprinting with their little corgi legs, smiling their little corgi smiles the whole time.

It is happiness. It is zen. It is an instant way to turn a gloomy day into the world’s biggest smile.

Corgi racing — better than therapy, cheaper than Prozac. Thank you for existing, you wonderful, wonderful sport.

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