Dog’s Chillaxing When His Life Gets Flipped-Turned Upside Down, Realizes That Rock Is A Turtle, Just Can’t Even

This corgi is totes adorbs but just can’t even when that rock turns out to be a turtle. Someone needs to tell that corgi that in order to truly be considered trill he’s going to need to turn up, amirite my millennial brethren?

Sorry bros, but I feel the only way to properly express how punked this corgi got before he stood up like a man and barked is to use the lyrics of Marshall Mathers:

“Snap back to reality, Oh there goes (that turtle he used to think was a rock)
Oh, there goes (that corgi), he (got punked like a beotch)
He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that
Easy, no

He won’t have it, he knows his whole back’s to (the grass)
It don’t matter, he’s dope (all corgis are dope, this is known).”

Unlike other UK dogs (Irish Terrier, Rat Terrier) who were bred to go into fox holes and eat vermin, or viciously rip apart rat dens, the Welsh Pembroke Corgi is a herding dog. The corgi was bred to herd cattle, sheep, geese, ducks, etc., and it’s one of the oldest known herding dogs with origins tracing back to the 10th century / 900’s BC. What’s that mean for the corgi? Well, for starter’s it’s not really battle hardened. People all across the world think the corgi is an adorable dog breed with his tiny little legs, but the reality is that the corgi is an obnoxious ass tiny dog who won’t stop barking.

Even in this video that only lasted 18-seconds that corgi barked like 50 times. Unless a corgi is eating it is barking. They are loud as hell, and miserable to be around for the reasons of barking. So you know what, I’M GLAD THAT CORGI GOT PUNKED LIKE A LITTLE BEOTCH. For all the barking he’s done throughout his life he deserves the shame that comes along with being terrified of a tiny tortoise. Corgis give all dogs a bad name, and it’s time the entire world knew it. So share this with your bros so they know how useless and obnoxious corgis are, even if they are adorable with those tiny stunted legs.