Costco Is Testing Cheeseburgers In Their Food Courts, But There Are Concerns Over The Price

by 2 years ago

Costco Food Court is heaven on earth. The chicken bakes are like a day’s worth of calories and delicious, as are the hot dogs and pizza. It’s the perfect place for a quick, cheap bite to eat before buying pallets of Kirkland Signature Beer or Kirkland Tequila or a pair of Kirkland 11s, the best hypebeast shoes $17 can buy.

There’s about to be a bold new addition to Kirk Boy life: The Costco Burger. Costco is testing it out in select markets around the country, including in in Souther California, Washington, North Carolina, Georgia, and Colorado. And reports are good, except there’s one major concern from the big box giant that made the $1.50 hot dog + soda combo famous: The price.

It’s $4.99, which is about the price of most fast food chain burgers. The expectation from Costco is high quality for less.

Regardless, can’t wait to try it. Looks delicious: