Couple Arrested After Pranking Family By Sending A Gruesome Fake Photo Of Fiancee Being Murdered

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Who doesn’t enjoy a saucy prank? Well, most people would, except maybe if the prank made them believe a family member was murdered in cold blood. Then the cheeky shenanigans turns into calling the police because you think a loved one is dead. That was the case for a couple from Ohio who thought it was a prudent idea to stage a murder and then send pics to a family member and post an apology for murder on Facebook.

On Thursday night, Nataleigh Schlette from Sandusky, Ohio had her photo taken while she was in a bathtub. She appeared to be murdered and there was a knife as well as blood seemingly splattered everywhere. Her fiancee Micah Risner took her gruesome photo and then sent it out the photo to his sister.

Micah told his sister that he had killed Nataleigh. She was not actually killed, and the blood was actually ketchup.

On the plus side, Micah’s sister seems like a ride or die sister.

On the minus side, Micah’s sister just got caught aiding and abetting a fake murder.

Micah also posted this confession/apology/joke on his Facebook.

Police were called to the home of the couple because they received a number of 911 calls from worried family members and friends. The cops quickly realized that Nataleigh was not dead and it was all a ridiculous prank. While they did not commit a crime of murder, police found the couple had committed the crime of inducing panic and they were both arrested.

Awesome prank Farva.

The couple informed the police that the hoax was aimed at Micah’s sister. He was trying to trick her into coming to the house so he could confront her about money she allegedly stole from him.

What if Micah is just setting himself to get away with murder in the future. What if there are rumors that he murdered someone in the future. He will then play it off like, “Ha! It’s just another murder prank you guys.” As he books his one-way ticket to Belize.


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