A Couple Who Tried To Have Sex In A Car For 90 Straight Minutes Die Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

by 4 years ago

Facebook via Daily Mail

When I was a senior in high school, one winter night, I took my girlfriend to make out in a parking lot hidden from a main road near Wakefield Rec Center. We were there for maybe a half hour, making out, hot and high school heavy, when the lights of a cop car appeared in my mirror.

She was terrified, paranoid, a bookish, well-behaved girl who had never gotten in any kind of trouble before. But luckily, the cop just told us we had to leave. Little did I know, he may have been saving our lives.

Because a couple who tried to do it in a car one night were overcome by exhaust fumes and died.

Violet Iles, 25, and David Long, 32, were overcome by carbon monoxide leaking into the car through a rusty exhaust pipe, Neale said. Their bodies were found near a Glencoe, Kentucky home Wednesday, May 13.

The two were in the car for about 90 minutes. Iles and Long kept the car on to run the heat because it was 40 degrees that night, according to Neale.

Possibly more terrible, they were found by the guy’s brother.

Long’s brother, Kevin, discovered the bodies at about 6:40 a.m. near his mobile home on Lothridge Lane. He said he spotted them while walking his children to their school bus.

“I pulled him out and I tried to do CPR on him, and the paramedics tried to talk me through it over the phone,” Kevin Long said.

Imagine performing CPR on your brother with his dingaling hanging out.


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