Couple Redneck, Duck Dynasty Soundin’ Bros Pull A Handgun On A Motocycle Gang In Road Rage Incident (Video)

If I had to vote between who I hated more, gun totin’ rednecks or annoying ass motorcyclists, I’d probably just, I don’t know, break whatever arbitrary rules were set for this exercise and tell you I hate them both equally. Fuck this hypothetical I created for myself.

Because in reality, they are both so, so awful. Just watch. There’s the dick filming this, who insists on egging on these rednecks by tapping on their window, insisting they apologize or some shit for what appears to be nothing, when he could have easily left them alone, and these rednecks, who whip out a fucking gun.

Like I said. All losers.

[H/T Drunken Stepfather]

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