These Co-Worker Bros Built A Goddamn Castle Around Their Cubicles, Completely Safe From Karen’s Cat Stories

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We all know the drill–Friday morning, hungover as balls, file a few unread emails under ‘Read’ while trying your best to stare at a bright screen without projectile vomiting all over it. And then peppy Peter steps up to into your cube to give you a weekly weather report you never asked for. It’s like ‘bro I don’t even know what the Dew Point means, nevermind caring what it clocks in at Tuesday morning.’ Peter’s entirely-too-long stay is followed up by Karen from Accounting’s Friday cookie giveaway. You decline (not because they aren’t delicious, because they are) but because Karen has debilitating halitosis and you are the ‘can’t hold anything down’ level of hungover.

These present workplace difficulties. Every day.

And these co-workers at a UK stationary supply company called Viking-Direct had the stones to do something about it. Ok, well they claim that their boss urged them to do something creative with their workspace,  but it’s obvious they just needed a reason.

So what did they do, I ask for you?

They built a ma’fuckin functional castle around their cubicle pod.

Here’s the play-by-play:

castle 2 castle 3

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