Crazy Lady Loses It When Fisherman Catches Stingray—Wants To ‘Put Every German From Germany In Prison’

There’s ‘seasonal insanity’ and then there’s this woman. This woman who witnesses a fisherman in Texas catch a stingray off the beach and proceeds to unleash levels of insanity I haven’t seen filmed in quite some time.

She somehow decides that a) catching a stingray is illegal (it’s not), b) the fisherman are a from Germany and will be sentenced to ‘life in prison’ with all the other Germans (I cannot confirm or deny the nationality of the fisherman), c) that it’s illegal to fish (it’s not), d) that you can grab a stingray by its tail (this is how you get hit with a stingray barb) and e) that nobody eats string ray (it’s a very, very common delicacy worldwide).

The video was first shared from the Team Fishemaut Facebook page, a FB page for a likeminded group of Texas anglers who just happened to be in the right place at the right time and were able to share this lady’s insanity with the world:

Based on the comments off of Team Fishemaught’s Facebook page I think we’re all pretty much in agreement that this lady forgot to take her meds on the day this video was filmed.

Now let me clear up any confusion: anyone can buy a fishing license and legally go fishing, regardless of your nationality. If a private citizen buys a state’s license they are then legally allowed to fish in that state, provided they adhere to any and all of that state’s fishing regulations. There are roughly 1,700 locations within the state of Texas to purchase a fishing license, and you will NOT go to jail for catching a stingray. A non-resident of Texas can purchase a one-day saltwater (and freshwater) fishing license for only $16. No additional stamp or tag is required to catch stingray.

According to this PDF there is NO regulation/bag limit on stingray, which are often caught in bulk and sold to seafood eaters as ‘scallops’, because the taste between the two is almost indiscernible. So everything this crazy woman spewed on that beach is a lie. You can keep stingray, people DO eat stingray, they can legally fish there, and probably were certified to be fishing there. She’s a stupid beachcomber who forgot to take her meds and lost it on some strangers. End. Of. Story.

That lady was absolutely insufferable, and VERY REMINISCENT of this woman from last week who went off on her neighbor for filming her in the hallway of their apartment building after she tried to throw all his laundry out into the hallway. What the hell is happening to people lately that’s making them so crazy?