Man Finds Car Parked In The Bike Path And Does Something About It, Definitely Has Not Skipped Leg Day

If a normal human being finds a car partially parked in the bike path they just ride their bicycles around and go about their business, but not this guy. When I first came across this video it was titled ‘biker…’ so when I saw that Herculean frame lifting a car I assumed that man was going to get on his Triumph Motorcycle and ride away into the distance after lifting that vehicle off the bike path. Alas, that man rides an actual bicycle, and in watching this video I learned a valuable lesson this morning about profiling cyclists.

The only reason I don’t think this video is at all staged is because that behemoth of a man doesn’t ring his little bicycle bell while riding out of there. Anyone with half a brain would’ve made sure that bicycle had a bell if this video was staged. Just think about how perfect it would’ve been if that man, that man who probably invented the term ‘leg day’, if he just gave a lil ‘ring, ring’ on his tiny bell as he rode off into the distance. This would’ve been the perfect parting shot. Alas, no bell was rung, and therefore I’m led to believe that this man moving a car off of the bike path is in fact genuine.