VIDEO: Savage Dad Kills Venomous King Cobra With His Bare Hands To Avenge The Death Of His Son

by 3 years ago

Per the YouTube description:

This is the shocking moment a dad attacks a king cobra with his bare hands reportedly to avenge the death of his son.

The man can be seen grabbing the venomous snake from a tree and smashing it against the ground.

The dust flies up as the man swings the reptile by its tail into the dirt seven times before releasing it.

The animal, which reportedly bit and killed his son, is seen slithering to the side of of the dirt track and is then motionless.

The snake was killed, reports Indian Express. It has been condemned by some who call his attack animal cruelty.

“It has been condemned by some who call his attack animal cruelty.” If there’s one person on this planet who thinks that slithering monster deserves to share the same air and you and I, I call for a follow-up video of this dad grabbing that person by the ankles and giving him the same fate this cobra received. Because make no mistake, if it were up to that snake the entire world would be up in flames right now. Goddamn devil creatures.

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