Naughty Dad Stops Recording Child’s School Recital To Film Shaking Ass Of Teacher’s Psy Dance

by 1 year ago

The smartphone is an amazing technological advancement that allows you to capture life’s most precious moments simply by taking your phone out and recording these once-in-a-lifetime events with the tap of one button. No more dragging a huge VHS recorder that is the size of a rocket launcher. These cameras on these phones are mistake-proof and adjust to low-light situations and even have stabilization. Just simply point your compact phone at your pride and joy and record. The only way you could possibly fuck up a recording is to allow your dick dictate the recording sesh and point the camera at the hot teacher’s ass shaking instead of your darling child smiling and dancing in their school dance recital. That’s exactly what this horned up dad did.

While recording his child’s classroom dance in Russia, his dick pushed the camera into the direction of the teacher’s ass as she swayed left and right to Psy’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style.” But it wasn’t just a quick glance that could be construed as an accident. This dude set up a motherfucking photoshoot and only recorded the teacher’s dancing dumper in a tight red dress.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to be inappropriately filming a teacher’s bum, you could do far, far, far worse than this. And is your daughter’s dance recital at such a young age really THAT important? Like barring she falls down or pukes on another student.

However, this papa might want to edit this ass part out before he hooks up his phone to the TV and broadcast this dance recital/Worldstar rap video to the entire family. Not sure nana will appreciate this ass-shaking display as much as her son did.

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