Guy Uses Google Translate App To Break Out Curse Words We Haven’t Heard Since The ‘South Park’ Movie

We’re living amidst the Golden Age of technology, one where every piece of information in recorded history is accessible in seconds.

Whether you’re wondering what Order & Family the common chicken belongs to in the classification system (Order: Galliformes, Family: Phasianidae), or the etymology of the word ‘fuck’ (early 16th century: of Germanic origin (compare Swedish dialect focka and Dutch dialect fokkelen ); possibly from an Indo-European root meaning ‘strike,’ shared by Latin pugnus ‘fist.’)…all of this information is just waiting to be accessed.

And now the game’s gotten even more serious with the rise of the Google Translate App for iPhone/Android. Those thirsty for knowledge are flocking to the app like vampires, sucking up new languages into their brains at a pace never before seen on this planet.

In the days of old, if you wanted to learn a language you had to seek out a speaker of said language. Often it might not be a native speaker, and therefore you were forced to learn the language alongside the faults your teacher might have inherited. And it was a difficult and arduous task learning a language person-to-person, laboring over a textbook with someone hovering over you…but now we have this wonderful app…This REVOLUTIONARY app! Just look what this father is doing with it, already teaching his family new words, spreading the wealth of knowledge for his kin:



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