Dan Bilzerian, His Congregation Of Hot Chicks And A Ton Of Condoms Are In Chris Brown’s New Music Video

When Chris Brown stole my girls cuz they don't like condoms or white guys #TheseHoesAintLoyal http://www.mtv.co.uk/chris-brown/news/chris-brown-gives-zero-fs-in-our-double-premiere-of-liquor-zero

Posted by Dan Bilzerian on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well this is a rather odd pairing. The porn star-throwing poker player Dan Bilzerian and the hard-hitting pop star are together in Chris Brown’s new music video. It’s actually two new music videos rolled into one. The double video features Brown’s latest tracks “Liquor” and “Zero.” The songs are off of Brown’s seventh studio album titled “Royalty,” which will be released later this year.

Bilzerian and his flock of hot chicks are in a convenience store because Dan the Man is buying 100 or so Magnum condoms. Then, in walks Breezy and they show mutual respect for one another.

Bilzerian uploaded a behind-the-scenes photo from the video with the caption:

When Chris Brown stole my girls cuz they don’t like condoms or white guys #TheseHoesAintLoyal

If you dislike both personalities this is a tsunami of douchebagginess that will surely make you cringe.

I wouldn’t ask anyone to watch 9 minutes of a Chris Brown music video, so if you’d like to see Dan’s cameo fast forward to the 9:03 mark.

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