Dan Bilzerian Spread The Love To Wounded Veterans–Partied With Them On A Yacht With Half-Naked Chicks

by 3 years ago

Dan Bilzerian is a polarizing figure. We see plenty of dissenting opinions on the brash millionaire in the comment section of our posts–ranging from comments about the dubious origins of his seemingly limitless wealth to negative comments about him allegedly “buying” the girls he parties with. No matter what your opinion is of the unapologetic 35-year-old, there isn’t one person who wouldn’t party his face off with Bilzerian if asked. If you turn down an offer to party with droves of half-naked girls who normally wouldn’t look in your direction on a boat that costs more than your parents’ house with enough alcohol to booze up a small nation, you are either stubborn as fuck or an idiot.

Dan’s most recent Facebook photo may be the least polarizing one yet, allowing a few wounded veterans to party on a yacht in true Bilzerian fashion–eager scantily-clad chicks, a massive food spread, and probably some shit that Zuckerberg would flag as ‘inappropriate’ content for the Book. Dan himself is a four-year Navy veteran, and although he didn’t make the SEAL cut, it’s good to see he’s paying it forward to his fellow vets.

Looks like they were having a solid time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.25.45 AM



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