Big Ups To The Man Who Had An 80-Pound Mass Removed From His Scrotum And Is Already Boning Again



Bros, please join me in extending a hearty BroBible high five to Dan Maurer, who is back to boning his wife after seven years of not boning his wife.

The reason for the abstinence? An extra 80 pounds in his nut sack. Maurer suffered from scrotal lymphedema, wherein the nuts are unable to drain fluid, resulting in swelling.

Maurer’s doctors ignored the condition, telling him to lose weight. Doctors are assholes. He did, yet his nuts kept growing. But after seeing a special on TLC about a man with the same condition, Maurer went to the same doctor and was correctly diagnosed. In September, he had a successful, 14-hour operation and now, guess what?

Dude is back to boning his wife.

Up top, Bro.

He was also previously unable to walk due to the condition and can do that now as well, so that’s good, too.

[Via The Daily Mail]