Former Cubs Catcher Gets A Fart To The Face On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ And Even MySpace Tom Is Perplexed

We have flying cars. We’re harnessing the power of the sun on a regular basis. We’re going to have humans on Mars in a few years. You can use an app to get pizza delivered to your door in mere minutes and another app to get laid. It’s the greatest time in humanity innovation and technology… and farts are still really, really freakin‘ funny.

Which leads us to this week’s Dancing With The Stars, a Monday night primetime show that will never, ever cease to exist in the modern media landscape. Former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross and his dance partner, Lindsay Arnold, did a little “Night at the Movies” routine. The rehearsal was a doozy, with Ross dropping Arnold on her butt. Then, moments later, she farted in his face, which was caught on a hot mic:

Later, Arnold did a cartwheel, which ended with her in a handstand in front of Ross — and then she passed gas. Not only was her rear only just a few inches from the slugger’s face; it was directly on top of his mic.

The two dancers immediately collapsed in laughter. Arnold’s initial hypothesis was that she tooted out of revenge: “He dropped me on my butt and then my butt was mad at him. It was payback.” But in the end, she blamed it on the salsa. “That sci-fi salsa got to me; that sci-fi salsa will get you every time,” she said.

Here’s to hoping he avoid pink eye. I think the best thing to come out of all this is how perplexed MySpace Tom is.

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