Data Science Has Crowned The Best Burrito In America

And it’s that. It’s that photo above. That’s the best burrito in America.

Where’s it from? Well, let’s start with where this chit chat began.

Sentient Excel spreadsheet Nate Silver, who runs a website which covers such pressing matters as the fate of the United States Senate, thought it would be fun to inject a little whimsy into his programming.

[Set objWord=”food, enjoyment, words people will tweet”; C:>: “run script”]

Enter, burritos. decided to find the best in America, by evaluating (supposedly) 67,391 places.

El Methodology?

“Step 1: Data mining. Analyze the Yelp data to create an overall rating called Value Over Replacement Burrito (VORB) and–”

Oh fuck, who wants to read any of this shit? Well, you see here, a perfect burrito’s girth will equal two times the gradient angle of its sour cream application.

Fuck off, nerds. I shouldn’t even share your answer, but since I already started writing this post, it’s too late now.

It’s La Taqueria in San Francisco. It scored a 20 on flavor profile.

Like many Mission Street burritos, it’s prepared assembly line-style; the sour cream is added liberally from a squirt bottle, guacamole comes by the spoonful from an enormous metal bowl, pico de gallo and all its juices are added at the end. But unlike at other taquerias, each ingredient keeps its juices, making this burrito saucy in form and personality (the absence of rice also makes it noteworthy among its neighbors).

Sounds delightful. Sounds like lots of burritos.

If you’d like to take a look at some food porn, though (and it is top quality food porn), check out the whole post here.