Some Saint Made a Dating Site for CrossFitters to (Hopefully) Remove Them from the Dating Pool

Which thank heaven, I say. There is nothing worse than going on a blind date, only to have the person across from you say that we shouldn't get the charcuterie plate because the cheese is processed and that means it's not #paleo (I don't actually know if cheese is paleo and I DON'T FUCKING CARE). 

Then, after you scour the menu for the sole gluten-free beer the restaurant has so your date can enjoy something (I don't know if all CrossFitters are gluten-intolerant and I DON'T FUCKING CARE), he or she starts telling you about all the cross-chest kettle snatches they did today (I have no idea if cross-chest kettle snatches are a real CrossFit thing and I DON'T FUCKING CARE).

“I did 17 cross-chest kettle snatches today. When I first started CrossFit, I couldn't even do a single cross-chest kettle snatch.”


Don't care one bit. But now that XFitDate exists, hopefully all these people will only intermingle with each other, eventually becoming so inbred that they die out.