Watch A Dead Rat Get Pulled From A Man’s Belly Button AND DEAR GOD PLEASE LET THIS BE FAKE

dead rat pulled from belly button


I don’t care if this is real. Yes, I do. Because it’s a video… of a dead rat… being pulled from some dude’s belly button. I want it to be fake. I so do. And yet, part of me wants it to be real. Why is that? Can someone please tell me? I’m worried.

According to the Mirror this video, which appears to have been shot in South America, maybe Brazil, has been deemed fake by some of the commenters on the original video.

And that might be true, but watching the “doctor” in this video root around in this dude’s belly button alone was enough to make me lurch. Let alone the sight of the dead rat emerging from there as the topper.

You watch it. You know you want to watch it. And tell me if it’s real or fake or if it doesn’t matter because it’s just sick.