New Footage Of The World’s Largest Great White Shark Released

Teenage Diver In Florida Casually Grabs A Great White Shark's Tail While Filming The Encounter

iStockphoto / Alessandro De Maddalena

Last year footage began to circulate of the largest great white shark ever captured on film. That 23-foot-long great white shark is known as Deep Blue, and the footage was captured by Michael Maier. When news began to circulate last year of the largest great white shark ever captured on film I think we all assumed that the 3 or so minutes of footage making the rounds was all there was, but it turns out videographer Michael Maier has A LOT more footage of this epic beast.

Behold Deep Blue in all of her 23-foot-long glory (and think about the size of dumps that a shark that big must take):

It appears as if Maier has sold his footage to Barcroft TV, so I expect that we’ll be seeing a lot more clips like the one above. Even if this dude’s got an hour’s worth of footage of Deep Blue the great white shark we’ll only see it in two minute increments, because that’s how the Internet works.

And now I have to ask, is it so wrong that I want to see a video of Deep Blue like this one?

A video of her straight up eating another great white shark (because she can). Because what’s the point of being the biggest great white shark in the world if you’re not going to eat other great white sharks and assert your dominance? Anyways, as more footage of Deep Blue emerges i’ll be sure to share it with you bros!