Delta Just Put Every Meme Ever Made Into Their New Safety Video Because Brands Ruin Everything

Don’t get caught up on this already being the most out dated video ever produced, when you’re a brand every meme is fair game, no matter how old.  Just the fact that you’re shoving every meme ever made laughably down someone’s throat is enough to show that you’re hip, and you get what millennials are totally into these days. So what if the ‘Harlem Shake’ (1:44) is dead? Doesn’t matter.  An untimely appearance from the Doge dog?  Sure, let’s toss that in there!  That tiny orange that nobody knows and sucks giant donkey balls?  Delta’s putting that ridiculous meme in their new safety video.  Delta’s cool. Unless you can see that maybe you should begin to consider that you’re the one who’s not cool, bro. Not cool ass Delta.   Can’t you see? They’re all about double rainbows, screaming goats, and tiny hamsters killing burritos!  As all of us learned in Season 1 of True Detective that ‘time is a flat circle’, therefore some memes appear to fall victim to is simply an illusion. Every meme is relevant at every moment of the day…or something like that.

I didn’t even bother keeping track of all the memes they threw up into this video, in fact I couldn’t even finish watching this video without becoming irrationally angry at Delta for bastardizing the Internet in such a manner.  It’s almost as if 2012 BuzzFeed were given money to make a safety video for Delta and just stole everything possible from Reddit and tumblr.  I’m sure by now you’ve all realized this blog was just a round about way to discuss how much Delta sucks for making this video, even if they are one of my favorite airlines.