Ignorant Desert Vista High School Seniors Taking Heat For Their Human N-Word Collage

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According to AZCentral, Six young ladies from Arizona’s Desert Vista High School made a group decision to shut off their brains, bail ship on their futures, perpetuate immoral ignorance, and rearrange the letters of a slogan to spell out the n-word. Look closely and you can make out a small image in the corner of the viral pic, which indicates this shit was pulled from Snapchat. This goes to show that all the questionable decisions anyone might make on a regular basis, and feel narcissistically compelled to share with the circle of folks and strangers can and will be passed along to unforeseen sets of eyeballs.

Thank God Tempe Union High School District’s Director of Community Relations, Jill Hanks was on the scene, chaos-quelling guns blazing to clarify “that was not a school photo.” No shit sherlock. Hanks goes on to say, “They do not represent DV or the community as a whole. These are six students who made a really bad decision. They do not reflect the rest of the student body, the 3,100 other students that go here, staff that work here or anyone in our district,” Hanks said.

It seems this blatant act of backwards bigotry-addled thinking brought a jackass named Doug McGee out his shed to comment on the matter after a particularly displeased and impassionate of the DVHS class penned her thoughts.

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Let’s just say people aren’t feeling Doug McGee right now.

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The photo went viral on Friday, and since then busloads of parents have staged a collective outcry of outrage, calling for the six girls to be expelled. Let’s just hope these young ladies go on to lead lives in which they think before they act (cheesy, but an age old way to avoid some of the bad shit life chucks our way), consider how their decisions impact others, and please, oh please, stop fucking Snapchatting everything.

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