Grisly New Details About What The FSU Cannibal Killer Said To Police After They Found Him Eating Flesh Have Emerged

It’s been more than two months since 19-year-old FSU Alpha Delta Phi fraternity member Austin Harrouff allegedly killed a married couple at a home near Tequesta, Florida in a random act of grotesque violence.  When cops arrived at the scene, Harrouff, who classmates claimed “wouldn’t hurt a fly,” was biting the face of one of the stabbing victims, growling like an animal.

Grisly details have emerged about Harrouff’s actions directly after cops arrived. These details are all authorities have to draw off of, as Austin has not spoken to police since the night he was brought into custody. He even wrote “I want my attorney.  I don’t want to talk to you” on a sheet of paper instead of saying it audibly.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says Harrouff told deputies they would not find any drugs in his system.

Snyder says Harrouff told deputies they would not find any drugs in his system. Records show he also yelled “[expletive] kill me, [expletive] kill me. Shoot me now, I deserve to die.”

Those deputies also saw him spit out what appeared to be human flesh, which was taken into evidence. They say he had human hair in his mouth.

Deputies heard him say, “Help me, I ate something bad.” A sergeant asked Harrouff what he ate. Harrouff allegedly responded “humans.” [via WPTV]

Harrouff allegedly went through with an interview with Dr. Phil last week, but the show ended up postponing it due to “new development in the case.” Sheriff Snyder, however, revealed there has been no development in the case.

[h/t UproxxWPTV]

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