This iOS 9 Glitch Actually Makes Your iPhone Run A LOT Faster — Here’s How To Activate The Glitch

Don’t get me wrong here, I do think that the SpringBoard animations in Apple’s iOS 9 are a pretty cool feature, but at the risk of performance they’re just not for me. The SpringBoard animations are the brief animations you’ll see when you open/close apps, and while they don’t take very long at all they do add up over time. Disabling those animations speeds your phone up immensely, drastically reducing the time it takes to switch between apps or change up operations.

You can go into your settings under accessibility and choose ‘reduce motion’ but there is still a wait time when switching between apps, because it only reduces the animation time, it doesn’t eliminate it entirely. However, thanks to a glitch discovered by 9to5Mac (video below) you can disable the iOS 9 animations entirely be triggering a glitch within your phone. Disabling the animations in iOS 9 typically requires jailbreaking your iPhone, something that voids the warranty of your iPhone, so this is obviously the much better solution to speeding up your phone.

It’s quite simple, takes less than a minute, and it will make your phone seem to be running faster than it’s ever been before:

If you’d prefer to not watch the video here are the steps, via 9to5Mac, on how to make your iPhone run faster than ever:

How to do disable animations without jailbreaking:

Step 1: Open Settings → General → Accessibility → Assistive Touch and enable the Assistive Touch switch.
Step 2: Go to the Home screen and drag the Assistive Touch nub to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
Step 3: Invoke Spotlight search by swiping down on the Home screen. When the Assistive Touch nub rests above the keyboard, tap the screen to dismiss Spotlight. If you time Spotlight to dismiss as soon as the nub goes above the keyboard, you’ll notice Spotlight’s interface speed up, indicating that the glitch is now active.
Step 4: Try launching any app to see if the animations are gone. If not, repeat Step 3 until it works. Some suggest that you should try ~20 times, but I was able to make it work almost immediately.
Step 5: Disable the Assistive Touch switch enabled in Step 1.

Seriously, I tried this myself and my phone is speedy as hell. I feel as if a curtain has been lifted and I’m seeing for the very first time just how fast my iPhone is. It’s astonishing how sluggish those animations make your iPhone appear and how fast it comes when you remove them. Don’t believe me? Start by just turning on ‘reduce motion’ under the ‘Accessibility’ tab in your iPhone’s ‘Settings’, and then you’ll begin to unlock your phone’s potential.

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