Attractive Doctor Sandra Lee Is Famous For Her Videos Of Popping Zits And I JUST THREW UP ON MY COMPUTER

This might be the hardest article I have ever written. Okay, so here goes. Dr. Sandra Lee, is a very attractive dermatologist who practices in Upland, California. If we stopped right there all would be fine. But we can’t. Because, you see, Dr. Sandra Lee is also known as “Dr. Pimple Popper.” Why? Because she has generated a bit of a following on social media for videos that show herself popping zits.


Okay, I need to get back on track. Here’s another photo of Dr. Lee.

Phew… okay, so these videos are so popular that she now has over 85,000 followers on YouTube and almost 10,000 on Instagram, both places where she shares these AWFUL, AWFUL videos.

Dr. Lee is also a skin cancer and cosmetic surgeon who makes regular appearances on the television show The Doctors. But again, that’s not why she’s famous. She’s famous because she REALLY likes popping zits, as she once told The Guardian, “There is something hypnotic about pimple popping. Sometimes when I upload my own videos I find myself watching certain parts over and over.” Blerrghh

Take a look at some her work and see if you feel the same way. Barf bags can be located in the seatback pocket in front of you.

I think I just passed out for a second… dear God… why woman, why?

H/T Happy Place who didn’t make me very happy today.