Alcohol Is The BEST Thing Around, But Does It Actually Make Us Happy? Let’s Take A Look At The Facts

If you were to ask me straight up ‘Cass, does alcohol make you happier?’ my answer wouldn’t be a yes or no, but I definitely have a good time when I drink so I’d ultimately lean towards yes because it tends to mellow me out and release the daily stress. The question of ‘Does Alcohol Really Make You Happier?’ is NOT an easy question to answer, because in my humble opinion (IMHO) there’s no cut and dry answer, but that didn’t stop (powered by from putting together a VERY extensive infographic trying to answer that question. It does a pretty fantastic job at tackling the question of whether or not booze makes us happier by hitting the topic from every angle, so let’s get started:

The information doesn’t stop there though, provided A TON of facts related to this infographic:

But what good can it do for your mind and body?
Alcohol releases endorphins in pleasure centers in the brain
Exercise, meditation, & sunshine also release endorphins
Rising levels of endorphins
Create stronger sense of pleasure as well as intoxication
Causes feelings of happiness, confidence, & lowered inhibitions
Can create a euphoric state of consciousness when highly intoxicated
≈ 4/5 drinks for men
≈ 3/4 drinks for women
Moderate drinking (1-2 drinks/day) is shown to have positive health benefits
Lowers risk of heart disease
Improves libido & reduces risk or erectile dysfunction by 25-30%
23% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia
Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes compared to non-drinkers

So I guess in conclusion I would say that yes, the data suggests that alcohol DOES MAKE US HAPPIER. But if you’re still a non-believer and/or need more convincing then you can click on over to to see the full fact sheet and/or embed the Infographic on your website! You can also check out just HOW FUN DRINKING IS, because scientists have finally quantified exactly that.

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