Women Aged 18-50 Answer The Question ‘Does Size Matter?’ — So Get Ready For Answers About Your Dong Size

The thing about ‘averages’ are that there’s a ton of dudes out there who fall below that average, and thus spend their entire lives wondering ‘does size matter?’ The team from Cut Video (Grandma’s Smoke Weed For The First Time) gathered together women aged 18 through 50, and asked each of them in ascending order whether or not size matters. Specifically they started at age 18 and asked ‘does size matter?’ and proceeded to ask that question of women until they hit the eldest lady at age 50. The responses are pretty much what you’d expect: kinda, maybe, most of the time, but not if he’s good at other stuff.

Watching this video and listening to women answer the question of ‘does size matter?’ will provide you with some answers, but what sort of ticks me off about this video is that these women presumably aren’t experts. Me? I’m hung like Lex Steele and couldn’t care less about what anyone has to say regarding size, but for you bros with genuine concern I’m sitting here wondering ow do you define ‘big’ and ‘small’, and what’s the subjective criteria there? Also, was there some sort of test given beforehand with subjective criteria on the sexual history of these women, so the people asking the question of ‘does size matter?’ know for certain that these women have seen both ends of the spectrum? I guess we’ll never know for sure whether or not size matters, but this certainly was an interesting take on the whole debate.