Puppy Goes Nuts The First Time He Feels Air Conditioning, Is Basically Us

It’s so damn muggy out right now, Bros. And the A/C unit at the BroBible office has been broken for two weeks. By three o’clock each day, as the sun is bleating down through our windows, every single part of my dick and balls becomes latched on to every square inch of my inner thighs. Everytime someone on our sales team looks over, I am trying to pry them apart. It’s a wonder I haven’t been approached by HR yet, but I’m much more concerned that it might be hot enough inside my pants to actually liquefy my exterior sex organs.

I have a window unit in my bedroom and as soon as I get home, I pull up a chair and awkwardly straddle it to get the flow aimed right at the space between my legs.

My nut sack looks just like this dog’s jowls, flapping away in the chilled flow. And though it can’t outwardly smile like this guy, know that it is as happy as he looks.

Maybe even more so.

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