Dog Channels Its Inner Lassie, Saves Baby Dolphin Stranded On The Beach, Is A Hero To Animals Everywhere

Dogs are the biggest bros in the animal kingdom. When a dog sees a fellow animal bro in distress the dog goes for help, the dog chips in and aids in the rescue, the dog sticks by other animal bros until the disaster is resolved. As we see in this video, dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re everyone’s best friend. In the video below you’ve got a dog recognizing that a baby dolphin is in extreme danger, beached on the rocks. That dog goes full Lassies and brings its owner over to assist in the rescue, pushing the dolphin out into the water and through the treacherous rocks and waves. Together the dog and the dog’s bro save that baby dolphin, restoring some adorable balance to the animal kingdom.

For those of you skeptical that the dog had actually ‘Lassied’ its owner to save the baby dolphin, here’s the description from the YouTube video that’s been going viral since it was first uploaded a few weeks ago:

Whilst attempting Bass fishing on a beach near Criccieth (close to the mouth of the River Dwyfor) I was taking photos of the fantastic scenery when I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach….clearly she had found something!

Managed to gently lift and guide this beached baby dolphin / juvenile harbour porpoise back out to sea.

Here’s that amazing video, plus a few highlights in GIF for good measure, ad for those of you wondering where Criccieth Beach is it’s in Wales (Northern UK):

I don’t know what it is about Mondays that have me blogging so much about dogs. Earlier I threw up this video of the world’s chillest pug, and went off about how we should all aspire to be as chill as that pug. Now I’m back this afternoon with the tale of a dog saving a baby dolphin’s life. Some days I wonder if the universe just has strange designs for me, and when I wake up in the morning it’s already preordained that I’m going to spend a significant portion of my day blogging about baby animals…