Oh Man. This Dog Did Not Enjoy His First Taste Of A Lemon One Bit

Food is no doubt an acquired taste. No little kid in the 1980s liked Brussel Sprouts, quite possibly because they were the butt of every joke. Now they all do.

I doubt dogs are the same way, but man, this adorable golden retriever goes absolutely berserk when he tries a lemon for the first time. Looks like a teen stomping about after being dared to put ten Warheads in his mouth.

It also appears that, on looking at the related videos, this is a whole subset of YouTube. “Dogs Try Lemons For The First Time.”

Here, enjoy some. This is a Bernese mountain puppy trying some sour citrus (h/t Cass on this one)

This guy goes nuts.

And here’s a lil guy getting the crap scared out of him by a lime.

Dogs. Is there anything they can’t do? Well, except talk.