This Dog Trying To Save A Dying Fish Is More Humane Than Most Humans

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.51.08 AM

Add this to the seemingly endless supply of “Why Dogs Are Awesome” video stash. When people are having the dogs vs. cats discussion (which shouldn’t even really be a discussion), cat people love to assert that dogs are dumb and cats are smart. If anyone ever makes that point to you, say nothing, pull out your phone, find this video, play it for them, sit back and watch them eat their words like a cat would eat a dying fish.

The fact that this dog even knows that fish need water to survive is pretty amazing. You might be saying, “You don’t know that’s what he was actually doing. He could’ve just been trying to play with it.” Do you always have to be this big of a contrarian downer? Accept the fact that this dog is basically Dog Jesus and just embrace it!

I love when he looks up to the humans as if to say, “Are you seriously going to just stand there and do nothing!” He’s disgusted by our lack of empathy for this dying creature. Humans kill for fun. Dogs kill only when provoked or to survive. Who’s the real animal? I’m officially announcing that I am legally changing my species to dog, effective immediately. Who’s coming with me?

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