This Poor Dog Who Has Been Waiting Five Years For His Dead Owner To Come Home Will Break Your Heart

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If anyone ever casts doubt on the idea that dogs are man’s best friend, show them this pup who has been waiting five years for his owner to come home.

Sadly, for this little guy, that is never, ever going to happen because his owner passed away back in 2011.

The townsfolk in Malu Mare, Romania have fallen in love with this shaggy fella who has sat in the same spot regardless of the weather since his owner died. And really, can you blame them? Just look at that face.

Not only does he still sit there waiting at his old home, he also still protects the property like a good doggy should.

Neighbours say the dog guards over the main entrance of the now uninhabited house, and while the animal accepts food from villagers, it is refusing to let anyone inside the courtyard.

Villagers say the dog has been seen sitting outside the gates for the past five years, regardless of the season or weather.

One local said: ‘The dog has never left that spot’

The mayor of the village, Alexandru Dicu, said: ‘The dog is not aggressive, but won’t let anyone in, he just guards the property. The dog is waiting for his master. He looks sad.

A local veterinarian, however, points out that while it’s nice that people sometimes stop and feed him and give him water, someone really needs to build or give the dog a little bit of shelter from the elements.

‘Locals should create better conditions for the dog where he is, give him a kennel, feed him every day, give him water,’ veterinarian Doru Safta told local media.

‘Because taking this dog away from the place where he waits for his master is the worst thing people could do to this dog.’

Hopefully, now that this loyal pup has gotten a little international attention that will happen for him very soon.

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