World’s Dumbest Dolphin Forgets How To Dolphin, Jumps Inside Boat And Causes Bloody Mayhem

The Frickman family embarked out into the Pacific Ocean back on Father’s day, leaving Dana Point Harbor in Orange County, California in their center relatively tiny (21-foot) center console fishing boat for a day of family fun. However, the family fun was derailed when a several hundred pound adult dolphin jumped out of the ocean and into their boat, breaking mom’s ankle, wrecking anything not attached to the boat, and covering the entire deck in blood. The dolphin then returned to the ocean with only a few bumps and scrapes, and the family was left to lick their salty wounds. There is some considerable blood below, so turn away now if you’re not into seeing that.

In the video above you can see the dolphin being returned to the ocean, free once more to go about his daily dolphin things. The aftermath of the boat though, that’s worth a second look. Here are some pics from the boat’s demise:



The OCRegister has the story:

Tristan, 12, and Courtney, 16, edged toward the bow of the 21-foot Boston Whaler as the dolphins swam along their boat. The entire family was cheering.
That’s when the pleasant afternoon turned to pure chaos. A dolphin leaped out of the water, hit the rail of their boat and flopped right inside with the family.
At first, it might have resembled a wacky Sea World trick, or a fun Flipper moment.
But it got messy. Bloody, scary and messy.
“It hit my wife and knocked her over, and punched my daughter,” Dirk Frickman recalled.
Luckily, no one got knocked out of the boat, he said.
“I had this 350-pound dolphin in my boat,” Frickman said. “There was no way to get it off the boat.”
His first thought: This is not going to be good.
Chrissie Frickman was screaming in pain as the dolphin flopped on her legs. Her husband pulled her out from beneath it, and the family scurried around the center console toward the bow as the gravity of the boat pulled the frantic dolphin toward the back.

EVERYBODY knows it’s never a good idea to taunt or call dolphins close to your boat. Where I grew up in Florida there was a certain section of the intercoastal waters where a dolphin would ALWAYS be chilling. You could bang on the side of your boat and that dolphin would come right up to you. What that dolphin was looking for was a hand out, a free meal, some munchies. At least once a year there would be a story on the news about some jackass tourist who was bitten and injured by the dolphin for trying to pet it. These people would forget this dolphin was a wild animal and try and treat it like a pet. On top of that the dolphin forgot it was a wild animal meant to hunt for food, and eventually died because boaters and tourists had effectively domesticated this dolphin. This is why you STAY AWAY FROM WILD ANIMALS, ESPECIALLY IN THE OCEAN.

It sucks that the mom in this story had her ankle broken, and the boat was pretty destroyed. But at least the dolphin lived, right?

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