Surfer Gets Absolutely Demolished By A Dolphin When A Wave Comes Through And The Porpoise Takes Him Out


Facebook / Matt Minish

It’s not the dolphin’s fault that this surfer got in his way, the dolphin claimed that wave and went for it. That SUP surfer was just lolly gagging around, and he got demolished for not respecting that porpoise:

If I were to rank my favorite animals in the ocean I’d probably put dolphin (I’m lumping together all species of dolphin) at #2, just behind the manatee. Aside from the fact that dolphins go on murderous rampages from time to time and take out competing species of dolphin, there’s really not much to dislike about them. They’re a species that enjoys fishing, surfing, and a life of tom foolery out there in the big blue…and that’s something I can respect.

As Matt Minich (the guy who got demolished by the dolphin) notes in his Facebook post neither he nor the dolphin was severely injured from this collision, and both lived to surf another day.