For The First Time Since He Started His Campaign, Someone Shut Donald Trump The Hell Up (And There’s Video)

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Ever since Donald Trump began his bombastic, blustery bid for the White House, people have dreamed of shutting him up.

Ask any liberal what their personal wish for this election would be, and I imagine a geat deal of them would say something alike, “Telling Donald Trump to shut the fuck up.”

Today, Trump gave a speech in Flint, Michigan to thank local pastors for their work during the city’s terrible water crisis.

Instead, he started talking about how Hillary Clinton failed them. Which is impossible, because she has nothing to do with Flint.

At a pause in his speech, a pastor went up to Trump and reminded him that he was there to thank the pastors, not “give a political speech.”

And he even appeared chastized! Amazing!

Trump then went right back to talking about failures, but he left Hillary out of it.

[Via Esquire]

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