This Video Of Donald Trump Playing Beach Volleyball Set To The ‘Top Gun’ Soundtrack Wins ALL The Medals

If you thought the best clip of beach volleyball this week would come from the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro you were wrong. I don’t blame you. We all thought that Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross would have stole the beach volleyball spotlight. But Donald Trump is not a man who likes to share the limelight. And in like a rampaging steed comes this glorious clip from the 1980s of the Donald playing beach volleyball.

You have to appreciate Trump’s fiery competitiveness while playing a meaningless game of beach volleyball in jeans and a white polo. Watch his gritty performance as he shows he isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to dig that ball before it hits the sand.

If that wasn’t epic enough, the video of Trump playing beach volleyball like your drunk uncle at a family reunion has a Kenny Loggins song from the “Top Gun” soundtrack.

If you’re not familiar with the original scene with a shirtless Tom Cruise scene from “Top Gun” that features the synthy Kenny Loggins’ 1986 hit “Playing with the Boys,” here it is in all of its homoerotic glory.

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