Donald Trump Is Now Slut-Shaming A Former Miss Universe Contestant Over An Alleged Sex Tape

In the debate on Monday, a sniffling Donald Trump emotionally said that he can control his emotions. Early this morning he went ballistic on Twitter over comments made in the debate about former 1996 Miss Universe contestant Alicia Machado, who has vocally criticized Trump for being sexist. via Politico:

Machado, a native of Venezuela, vaulted into the political spotlight toward the end of Monday night’s presidential debate, when Clinton mentioned her during a riff on Trump’s long history of derogatory remarks towards women. Clinton noted that Trump has referred to Machado as “Miss Piggy,” a reference to her supposed weight gain as Miss Universe, and “Miss Housekeeping,” because of her Hispanic heritage.

Hillary Clinton has used Trump’s derogatory comments towards Machado to help cement his sexism. But this morning Trump played the double-down: The Republican Presidential candidate urged his followers to “check out sex tape and past” on Twitter, as if Machado is some sort of lynchpin in the election.

It’s about as blatant character assassination as it gets: The existence of a sex tape from a former Miss Universe contestant isn’t a damn issue relevant to a Presidential campaign. It’s sex, recorded on video by a non-public office holding private citizen. In fact, what Trump is really doing is now openly slut-shaming women on Twitter. In an era of Snapchat and sexting and nudes as a digital relationship norm, it’s hard to imagine anyone giving a flying fuck over the existence of such a sex tape.

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