Donald Trump Tweets Support For L.L. Bean, Maker Of The Most Bro Duck Boots In Existence

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If there is one shoe I can’t live without, it’s easily my L.L. Bean duck boots. They’re a footwear staple in the Northeast from October – April and easily one of the best waterproof rubber boots on the market. My grandparents wore ’em, my parents wore ’em, and, someday, my kids will wear ’em too. Bean boots are life.

That said, todayPresident-elect Donald Trump kicked the proverbial bucket on Twitter when he endorsed the iconic preppy Maine company.

The endorsement came after Linda Bean, granddaughter to L.L Bean and a member of the company’s board, discussed a recent ban of the company from anti-Trumpers. via The Washington Post:

The unprecedented endorsement came less than two hours after Linda Bean said on a talk show early Thursday that anti-Trump groups are browbeating American businesses, an effort she called “un-American.”“It’s a case of bullying,” Bean said on Fox and Friends. “I’m not going to back down. I never back down.”

Bean, a granddaughter of L.L. Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean, contributed $30,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC called Making America Great Again LLC between August and October of last year, according to recently amended federal filings. Another $15,000 was contributed by Maine resident Diana Bean, the name of Linda’s sister.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, the company itself issued a statement that it has no interest in politics:

Even more so than official messages from the company, here’s how silly the idea of an LL Bean ban from anti-Trumpers actually is:

Bean boots for life. Good luck getting a pair in the next couple months.

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