Watch A Donald Trump Supporter Tweaking On Acid Curse Out A Bunch Of People, Brag About Being White

Contrary to what any middle school PSA may have taught you, it’s real easy not to wig out on psychedelics. Like, they can certainly be trippy and intense and sometimes even overwhelming, but they aren’t that crazy and don’t make you do insane things.

Basically, what I’m saying is only pussies have bad trips.

So let’s watch a Donald Trump supporter totally freak after taking all of three hits of acid (WOOOWWW!!) and curse out people after finding out Trump’s rally in Chicago was cancelled this past Friday. He also tells people to get out of America (how cliched at this point), and reassures anyone who is watching him that he is white. As though his behavior left us any doubt.

His friend tries to calm down the crowds, trying to excuse his friend’s actions because of the LSD.

Nope. Acid didn’t make you racist.

I wish YouTube had an option where you could select if the person in the video gets to keep their vote. Certainly anyone who takes their style cues from Bradley Nowell of Sublime shouldn’t have a say in our next president.

[Via Death and Taxes]