Meet The Most Roided Out, Tatted Up, Bigoted, Gronk-Wannabe Trump Supporter Ever

“I fucked your whole fucking family with my big fucking cock,” is the claim of this Donald Trump supporter out of Arizona, part of a two-minute tirade that makes him the new standard bearer of toxic white American male exceptionalism and overt xenophobia, as well as the worst person we’ve seen in the 2016 election.

Which is god damn saying something.

In the video, made by photographer Eric Rosenwald, the dude also screams to a group of protestors, “Get the fuck out of here. Our country mother fucker.”

Presumably he was talking to the Latino-looking person on the other side of the fence. This being Arizona, you would expect a person to have a passionate opinion on immigration, but it doesn’t surprise me that this dude, who has no doubt fried his brain huffing cans of Reddi-Whip in a Wal-Mart parking lot and shrunk his testicles through copious steroid abuse, can’t articulate a more nuanced stance.

“Made in USA, bitch. Made in fucking USA. Go cook my burrito, bitch. Go fucking make my tortilla mother fucker,” he goes on. Which like, if you are going to hate an ethnic group for coming here, why would you consume their food? Like … Huh?

“And build that fucking wall. FOR ME. Trump. I love Trump. Fuck you. I love my country. I would fuck like at least ten of you up in one fucking sitting you fucking pussies. You’re lucky all these cops are here.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Actually, pretty much whatever I said is better than this. Anything is better than this. The sound of a cow’s temple being crushed in as it gets hit with a bolt gun at a slaughterhouse is a more heartwarming noise than this dude’s braying.

As awful as this man’s abhorrent views are, look on the bright side. There’s no chance in hell he has any idea how to register to vote.

[Via Gawker]

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