Donald Trump’s Marriage Advice To Howard Stern In The 1990s Will Not Come As A Shock To Anyone

“Vagina is expensive.” That was what Donald Trump told Howard Stern about marriage (during his own second wedding to Marla Maples) in the 1990s.

Here is what Howard Stern said when talking about the advice when Trump was a guest on his show in 1997:

As Donald taught me one very important lesson, he took me aside at his wedding, and he said to me, now you know I’m getting remarried, and he said to me, Howard, vagina is expensive. That is what he said to me, and I’ll never forget those words. And the guy was right! Those were the exact words, ladies and gentlemen!

I don’t think I want to throw myself into a shitnado (or have my wife chop my dick off) by discussing whether or not I think that Trump’s statement is true. However, I will say that hearing “vagina is expensive” instantly reminded me of a bumper sticker I had on the loft in my fraternity house that read, “vaginas are way cool.” Now that is something I’d be happy to discuss and stand behind. Vaginas are super cool. Big fan of their body of work.