A Hilarious Reminder That When You Fall Asleep In The Military Pranks Will Happen

by 5 years ago

And you thought that time you passed out at a party wearing your shoes was bad? How about falling asleep in your own bed and waking up with a camel spider on your head, or waking up to screaming as you’ve nodded off in your armored vehicle and think that you’re under attack? These are the things that happen to bros in the military who make the mistake of closing their eyes for a minute.

Your body cannot survive without sleep, but that’s not going to stop your brothers in arms from messing with you the very instant your body shuts down. Duct taping someone to their bed is all about camaraderie, and building a sense of fraternity. It has nothing to do with the hilarious reaction of a person waking up to find out that they’re glued in place, right?

If you take one thing away from this video it should be this: always be the last person to fall asleep.

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