CHALLENGE: Don’t Shed A Single Tear Watching This Military Dad Reunite With His Son Who Has Down’s Syndrome

Ain’t nothing wrong with dropping a tear or two when something really touches your heart, and while I may have a heart made of lead and bacon grease that doesn’t mean that you won’t find warmth in seeing this military dad reunite with his son. I’m a lost cause, but you? If you’re in need of some chicken soup for the soul, look no further.

According to the YouTube description:

Airman John Grieten had been deployed in Southwest Asia for the past six months. Grieten landed home with a surprise for his kids 15-year-old son Joshua and eleven-year-old Jessica. Joshua who has Down syndrome, was at school while getting the surprise visit from his dad. He welcomed his hero with tearful hugs and the next surprise was for Jessica at her school.

So…are you, at the very least, feeling a little mushy on the inside?


Sad Pikachu knows how to embrace his emotions like a real man too.