Douchebags of the Hamptons: A Facebook Group Has Been Created to Find You

What can you find on Douche Spotter? Most of it is relatively tame—the bulk of the pictures are dedicated to assholes in Maseratis double-parking in handicapped spots, and other parking related sins. Which are infuriating, yeah, but parking like a clown is certainly not specific behavior to the Hamptons. I want to see more posts dedicated to scarf-wearin' guys like this:

Or the OD, Original Douche, the guy who inspired Cuomo to start the whole thing:

“The Springs native set up the page and posted a picture of his founding D-bag — a man in a poncho who brazenly cut a line at an East Hampton Starbucks.

“He was the last straw,” Cuomo said. “That’s the attitude of these people. They feel like the rules don’t apply to them when they come out here. I had to do something.”


Anyway, here are a few more “highlights”:

(By the way—based off years of observing semi-anonymous Internet behavior—it should be noted that groups like this have an enormous capacity to be abused. If Douche Spotter contains thousands of posts, odds are maybe 10% stem from the guy who was the real douche in the interaction.)