This Celebrity Massage Therapist Bites Famous Bodies For A Living Because Stars Are Kinky AF

If you’ve never received a massage, do yourself a favor, cancel your plans and book it pronto, bronto. It’ll get you right. Trust. Mmkay? Would I advocate a massage that includes the masseuse biting you all over your body? Even as a nibbler, I can’t condone. But, that’s what’s up with this celebrity massage therapist Dorothy Stein aka “Dr. Dot“.

Dr. Dot doesn’t wipe down any of her clients before chomping on them? She says she’s “seen it all and smelled it all”. Some of you are very aroused right now. Some of you have vomited all over your screen.

“CELEBRITY massage therapist Dr Dot has become famous for her unusual technique – she bites her clients. Dorothy Stein, 48, from New Jersey was nicknamed Dr Dot by musician Frank Zappa in her early days of bite massage, when she used her unique skills to nab free concert tickets and meet her favourite rock stars backstage. Since then, Dr Dot has massaged – and bitten – an impressive roster of stars, including Kanye West, David Bowie, Rhianna, Keith Richards, Gwen Stefani, Eminem and Oasis – who were “massage virgins”.”

Dot said she got her start when she 5 years old. Her mom wanted a massage and lil’ Dot’s paws weren’t strong enough, so her mom told her to bite. Dirty Jerz in the house!

When asked if any of the celebs get aroused, her answer was basically, “Yes, all of ’em” with Courtney Love getting the namedrop for wanting it to be more sensual. What happens when the celebrities get excited? She “throws a towel on it” or “knocks it down”. So, no lighting a match, blow out the flame and put the hot ember on your wrist?

This makes sense for famous people. Like, you basically run out of cool shit to do in the first couple weeks of your fame, so then you start looking for stuff that’s so far outside the box just to feel alive. This doctor might have the record for most famous people that’s ever been in one mouth.

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