Dr. Pimple Popper Removes A Cyst From Her Patient, Squeezes An Earth Worm Of NOPE Out Of It

I really wish you bros weren’t so into these nasty cyst/pimple/skin deformity videos from Dr. Pimple Popper, because I could really go for a week or two without nearly throwing up on my laptop. However, I am a man of the people, and if seeing Dr Pimple Popper (real name Sandra Lee) removing the most disgusting skin malformations imaginable is what you bros want to see then I’ll do my civic duty and continue to dig up the most hideous shit imaginable.

Yesterday my colleague Doug threw up a #TBT compilation from Dr. Pimple Popper, and I told him ‘listen up, Doug, this ‘Cyst excision on right mandible’ is where you bread is really going to be buttered’. He didn’t believe me, he went forward with the supercut of Sandra Lee’s greatest hits. That paved the way for me to post this video today, to share the most disgusting cyst excision I’ve ever seen in my life (not that I’ve seen very many). If you can get through this video without at least dry heaving then you’re much stronger than I am.

The money shot is around 4:30, when Dr. Pimple Popper ‘gives it a little squeeze’, and I’m pretty sure I just swallowed all of my lunch after it made its way back up into my mouth:

I’m sorry, but did she just fucking squeeze an earth worm out of that cyst? Is that what in the hell is inside of a cyst?

I was truly better off in life before I ever saw this video, and now I’ve seen things that cannot be unseen. Now that we’ve come this far there’s no turning back, and that means it’s time to watch that money shot over and over and over, in animated GIF:

Have fun never sleeping again.