Dr. Pimple Popper Removing A MELON-Sized Lump Might Be The Most VILE, Disgusting Thing She’s Ever Done

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YouTube - Dr. Sandra Lee

I guess Dr. Pimple Popper wanted to make sure that she kept her crown as Master of All Things Vomit-Inducing after Dr. Tess Mauricio dropped the mic with her stomach-turning video of an exploding infected cyst a couple weeks ago.

As she explains…

“This lovely patient drove a few hours to come see me. She has had this lipoma removed in the past but it grew back. As you can see it’s pretty big in size. Perhaps the largest lipoma I have ever removed. [Emphasis mine.]

If an area of the skin this size needs to be locally anesthetized it’s common to use the “tumescent technique” which is the same way I numb people when I perform body liposuction. Essentially, this is when we dilute the lidocaine, in saline (with epinephrine and bicarb as usual), so we can spread it out to a wider area. Lidocaine in large volumes in our body is actually life threatening, so we always monitor how much lidocaine we are administering if we know we need to anesthetize a large area.

I do believe there was “normal” fat above this lipoma that I had to remove to get to this actual lipoma, so there may be a slight depression in the area when it fully heals, but my fingers are crossed because it looks pretty good so far! I DON’T use liposuction to remove lipomas because this “breaks up” the lipoma and I do believe there is high chance that a lipoma reoccurs this way.”

Let me translate that for you: BLERERRGGHGHHHH!!!

Hope you enjoy it, you sick bastards…

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