Drake Is Getting Trolled To Hell And Back By Fans After The Cavaliers Trashed The Raptors



Today’s not a pretty day for Drake.

Actually, that’s a half-lie – today’s not a pretty day for Drake if he spends it looking at all the people who are currently shitting on him via Twitter. After the Cleveland Cavaliers trashed the Toronto Raptors during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, people have been trolling the hell out of the rapper for being a “Raptors ambassador and noted bandwagon jumper.” While the Cavs were the favorite going into the game, no one expected the Raptors to lose 115 – 84, an embarrassing defeat that gave fans a chance to tease Drake for his lackluster choice in NBA teams:

With any luck (and for Drake’s sake), the Raptors will turn their misfortune around by pulling a tie for the series when they play again on Thursday.

[H/T Uproxx]